Macco SIRIO Super Automatic

The Italian made SIRIO Super Automatic Espresso Machine is ideal for the high volume demands of your busy location. Whether it is a coffee house, hotel or restaurant, the SIRIO by MACCO is built to handle the volume. With an hourly capacity ranging between 180 to 240 drinks, the SIRIO has the performance to meet your drink making needs. One button operation makes it easy to stay on top of your drink orders. For those that prefer to steam/froth the milk themselves, the thermistor controlled steam wand guarantees the perfect cappuccino or latte by automatically monitoring the temperature of the milk to prevent scalding.

Because the SIRIO is a super automatic, it does the work for you – grinding, extracting, frothing and steaming. Now even an untrained employee can make delicious specialty coffee drinks consistently.

Choose from models that feature automatic milk frothing for one step cappuccinos (LM Models), a thermistor controlled steam wand (COF Models) or higher capacity units with larger boilers (S Line).


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