About Brewmatic

Brewmatic began manufacturing coffee urns and other restaurant equipment in 1923 in Los Angeles, California. Over the years, Brewmatic has become a worldwide supplier of a diverse line of equipment and products from small volume coffee brewers to large volume urns, tea brewers, coffee grinders, chocolate machines, decanters, filter paper, powdered cappuccino drink machines and an uniquely designed coffee machine for the home.

To round out the equipment product line, Brewmatic offers commercial grade espresso machines and accessories. To meet the need for high volume specialty espresso drinks Brewmatic carries Carimali and MACCO espresso machines imported from Italy. The newest addition to Brewmatic's equipment offering is the JURA IMPRESSA X9 espresso machine manufactured in Switzerland. The IMPRESSA X9 is perfect for the workplace, i.e., professional offices, auto dealerships, or any business with a customer lounge. With the addition of espresso equipment to the existing line of brewers, Brewmatic can fill a variety of coffee equipment needs.

The European market has been very important to our growth and business for over 30 years. A very successful business relationship was established in the late 70's with Mepaco, a Belgium manufacturer, to assemble Brewmatic equipment for distribution throughout Europe. During this same time, our exports to Asia, in particular Japan, were also increasing rapidly. An independent company called "Brewmatic Japan" was formed by several Japanese businessmen to expand the Asian market. Today, Brewmatic equipment is sold on every continent.

We pride ourselves on our ability to design equipment that fits the unique needs of our customers. We worked very closely with Amtrak to develop a coffee machine to suit the very rigorous requirements and specifications required for brewing coffee under varying conditions on the train. More recently, we adapted this machine for the new Amtrak hi-speed trains.

Brewmatic's initial design using digital electronic technology equipment was to meet the high quality and performance standards of McDonald's' Japanese restaurants. Digital electronic technology is now an available option throughout our brewing equipment lines.

We have a highly competent and experienced team of engineers whose continued emphasis will be research and development. Brewmatic is eager to meet new challenges. We will continue to expand our efforts to offer new, innovative products and programs. We are committed to providing the quality and service our customers deserve.

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